• Summer Faculty Fellowship, Marquette University, 2018

  • Regular Research Grant, Marquette University, 2018

  • Strategic Innovation Fund, 'The Philosophy Lab' project, Marquette University, 2017-2020
    Collaborator: Kristy Nielson (Psychology)

  • Way Klingler Young Scholar Award, Marquette University, Spring 2017 (see a blurb here).

  • Strategic Innovation Fund Grant for the development of a Cognitive Science Major, Marquette University, 2015-2017 (see a blurb here). 
    Collaborators: Yoon Choi (Philosophy), Nakia Gordon (Psychology), Kristy Nielson (Psychology), Anthony Peressini (Philosophy), Katherine Rickus (Philosophy), Ericka Tucker (Philosophy).

  • Summer Faculty Fellowship, Marquette University, 2015.

  • Faculty Development Award, the College of Arts and Sciences, Marquette University, 2014.

  • Visiting Fellowship, the Fishbein Center for the History of Science and Medicine, University of Chicago, 2011-2013.